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Nick Davis reviewed Off Leash K9 Training Lexington — 5 star
June 20 · We did the 2 week board and train and my aussie Mavis can go anywhere with us now off leash. She was a problem for us and was nipping, pulling us down the street on walks, and did not listen. Now she is confident and mature and has perfect manners. Jamie really goes above and beyond and he made sure my wife and I were secure in our knowledge of the techniques he taught her. We finally feel like a family with our dog. Thank you, Jamie.

Sarah Davis reviewed Off Leash K9 Training Lexington — 5 star
June 21 · Before sending our dog to Jamie for the 2 week Board and Train, we had our hands full with our dog. She is a hyper, one year old Australian Shepherd who never listened to us! She ran away any time the door was open, she took food, she jumped on everyone, she nipped, she was impossible to walk on a leash, and all around a hot mess of a dog. We were so relieved when we found Off Leash K9 Training and even more excited once we met Jamie. I had so many doubts about anyone being able to help us with these behaviors, but Jamie is seriously the best! I am amazed at what he was able to accomplish with her. While being trained, we received updates, phone calls, and even a visit! We can take her anywhere with us now and don’t have to worry about her running away, and it’s all off leash! She has been back for over a week and we haven’t used a leash once. There aren’t enough great things I could say about Jamie or Off Leash K9 Training! Definitely recommend!!

Elizabeth Frost Baker reviewed Off Leash K9 Training Lexington — 5 star
July 5 · My boxer puppy would not go into his crate and stay at all. Jamie worked with Remington over a weekend and now he goes into the crate even while I am home.
Amazing!! Thank you Jamie!

Michael Reid reviewed Off Leash K9 Training Lexington — 5 star
July 11 · Jamie is a miracle worker. Highly recommended. The impossible is his possible. I’m blessed to have him train my dogs. My family is complete now.

Michelle Wall reviewed Off Leash K9 Training Lexington — 5 star
May 30 · Highly recommend the 2 week board and train. I was beyond frustrated with my 7 month old golden retriever. She was constantly biting, jumping on my kids, destroying everything in my house, and would take off out the door every time it was opened. I’m amazed at how well behaved and calm she is now! She has door manners, lays in her bed for hours just chewing on her toys. Three weeks ago I tried giving her a bed and she tore it up within hours. Life is so much easier now, and we can actually enjoy spending time with her and let her roam free around the house rather than stressing out and worrying about what she’s going to destroy when shes not in her playpen. We’ve also tried other trainers in the past, and they just don’t compare to Jamie with off leash k9!