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very informative!

We were contacted by our handler and he was very informative on what he needed us to work on so that our Daisy could get the very best of her training. He gave us pointers and had the same concerns we did, as she is very young. We are excited and very confident she is in the best hands!

Jenny B.  // Verified Google Review

I’m very thankful

If you’re looking for a professional to train your pup to behave and obey, then this is definitely the right business for you! My trainer kept my 6 month old German Shepherd for only two weeks, and when the two weeks were over, he took the time to show me everything she learned and everything I needed to know. Cleo actually listens to me and behaves now, which takes a little less stress out of my life.

I’m very thankful that Cleo got exactly what she needed through such a professional program. My Princess Cleo absolutely loved my trainer and it was a great experience for her! I highly recommend this business for your pup’s training needs.


Britni W.  // Verified Google Review

Highly recommend this training!!

Our big pup (mix of German Shepherd and Redbone Coon Hound) would not listen, escaped from our fenced in 10 acres and would jump on anyone who came around. He went through the two week “boot camp” training and the results were great! The training changed his demeanor totally!

He minds and is happy about it! We have been able to have family cookouts with him staying in his place and just happy to be with us. Highly recommend this training!!

Karen H

Karen H.   // Verified Google Review

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the results

We just got our dog George back from 2 weeks training with my trainer. I can’t tell you how pleased we are with the results. It is like night and day. He listens, he seems calmer and much more focused. I am truly enjoying his company. Dave and his family were wonderful. They treated him like he was their own and were very nurturing to him.

The daily updates and videos were amazing. Watching his daily progress was exciting. I tried to train him myself, but was not having success. I realized that I don’t home school my children because I am not a teacher. I sent George to training because I am not a dog trainer. I don’t have the techniques, patience, skills or know how to relate to the dog.

Sometimes you just have to know your limitations and bring in the proper trainer for the job. I would highly recommend this program and will not adopt another dog unless I put them through this training. I did not realize my dog had this much potential! I will be forever grateful to my trainer and his family for making George the best friend I have always longed for!


Richard D.  // Verified Google Review

I highly recommend you seek their services.

The individuals that run this section in Lexington are very knowledgeable with handling and conditioning dogs for better obedience for home life. The time, effort and consistency proves that these individuals know exactly what they are doing and I highly recommend you seek their services.

Scott B.  // Verified Google Review

Worth every penny

Worth every penny, our dog Elvis has been back from training for a couple weeks now and he’s a different dog. Our family has been enjoying every minute spent with him because he minds everyone so well. We’ve been walking him with zero problems and following the commands our trainer my trainer gave us and he’s just been so awesome. Can’t tell you thanks enough!
Kristen B.   // Verified Google Review

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